Update on Butterfly Love Photography

Monday, February 20, 2012

Update on Butterfly Love Photography: Right now I am taking classes to improve my mad skills and upgrading my tools--speaking of which I am happy to announce I have switched from Nikon to an amazing Canon tool.  I am really enjoying my time spent with my children and husband!  We finally were able to go on a vacation that was long overdue by 4 years!  As for coming back to my business, that is still undecided, I am taking classes to give me a fresh new outlook on Photography and I hope to be able to rejuvenate and come back with amazing ideas.  I have given some thought as to doing a photo session once in awhile but it would be on my terms...I am possibly going to update my portfolio with fresh new ideas that I come up with, so it may be by invitation only.  I am still thinking and deciding on things and I will keep you updated! Here are some photos of our vacation...

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