Easter Minis 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I did some Easter Mini Sessions for a few people, some were from last year, it's FUN to see how BIG the bunny got and to see the kid's grow up too!

Here is Fuzzy from last year, he is now over a year old!!  I am guessing he weighs at least 7 lbs too!

Here are the Minis for this year:

 I had fun making the cards too!

 This is the same little girl from the pictures at the top of this post, she has soooo much personality!  Love it!

Making a belly button

Making a belly button can be time consuming, especially when you are starting from scratch!  I think it turned out great, don't you?

I have no tutorial on this, I just kept using the clone tool until it looked like a belly button, I am sure there are easier ways!

Baby "K"

This is my friend's baby, I took this awhile back because I just went to lunch with my friend and she said this little guy is 6 months old now!!!  Time flies, way too fast!  That's why I needed this break to enjoy my family!

This little guy still had his umbilical cord, so I made him a belly button by mommy's request :)