Miss "A"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This is Miss "A", I have been doing her families pictures for a few years now, they are such a great family!  I am so excited for Miss "A" do be graduating, and I think she is pretty excited too!  I just love how her pictures turned out!

 I thought it would be fun to post the 'during' process on what it looks like when I "tan" the skin.  I don't have any easy way of doing it, although as you learn the steps it does get faster, but sometimes it can add another 5 minutes to post-processing.

Easter Minis

This was my first time having chicks at an Easter Mini Session, and maybe my last?  Not only are they costly, they are high maintenance, you have to keep them at 95 degrees in an incubator. Chicks costly?  Yeah that what I said!  They say they are only $3-4 each but then you have to buy all this other stuff for them.  It definitely was an experience.

 I was very impressed with how ALL the kids were so very careful with the chicks, not one was squeezed. My kids sure loved them too and my kids were sure sad to see them go.  I think this was one of the best Easter sessions!  Check out ALL the Easter cuties!

"K" gets baptized!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

She is such a little mini version of her cute mom!  Miss K was so excited to get baptized, she was smiling ear to ear!  What made even more exciting was I had the chance to see her get baptized!  Congratulations Miss K!

Little "A"

This is my cousin's cutie, she was such a good girl for her session.  I think her older sister wanted to be part of it too!  It is always so fun to see them grow each time I see them.  Look at the change!

"A" a whole year ago!

"C" Family

I love each of my families for so many reasons, and I could just go on about how much I adore them, this is one of them!  I just LOVE people, and I LOVE all the different personalities I come across and the new people I get to meet.  This family is amazing!  Thanks for always coming back to me!

"K" Family

These amazing people were some of my very FIRST sessions back in 2009.  I have seen them go through so many things, good and bad.  My amazing friend Shareena is lucky to be with us here today, she is so inspiring and I am so happy I have her as a friend in my life!  Her and her husband have the most adorable and sweet daughter.  Thanks for always coming back for your photography needs!!!