May Photo-a-day

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have participated in these photo-a-day challenges before but this time I put together my own challenge for my friends, family and clients to do with me!  So if you like to take pictures (or not), come join me!  You can share this with your friends, go to my Facebook page to share it HERE!

Directions: Each day there is a different challenge word to photograph and you can interpret these words however you wish! You can take these photos with your camera, your phone, your ipad, etc. YOU can post them to your facebook page, your blog, instagram. Have fun doing it! If you post them to instagram with your iphone or ipad, be sure to tag them #bflyphotoaday, that way others can go look and see your photos! If you miss a day, it's okay!! Invite your friends too so they can have fun with us!  If you post them on facebook, tag me in them so I can see your creativity!  Make sure you have FUN, no pressure!

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