Last Big Family session Promised and some NEWS.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

This is the last BIG family photo session that I am taking, though I wish I could still take Big families, my life is getting busier each year now that my kids have started up competition soccer and are in Soccer clubs among other time consuming things,  I now know the true meaning of a Soccer mom!

The other thing that will consume my time is I get to train for a half marathon for next year and other 5K's and marathons. Yes I have joined the club! So my time is now limited.

I love taking pictures but it is possible that there may not be any scheduling for Butterfly Love Photography next year in 2014, not to freak anyone out, but I am waiting to hear about some things that may take up even more of my time.  I can't give out any more info than that at this time, I wouldn't want to Jinx myself!  Of course when everything has fallen into place I'll let the cat out of the bag ;)

I have fully booked up for the rest of this year, I posted on Facebook a few days ago that now I would be scheduling for the rest of the year.  I was booked up within an hour and I had to put a few sessions on the waiting list.  So look forward to some beautiful families and children posted in the near future!

AND  I posted a comment on Facebook about my photography business just the other day, I didn't think it would get more than 4 "likes", well it received about 42 "likes" and 4 comments!  WOW thank you for such a great response! This is what I posted:

My photography business has given me a deeper appreciation for the beauty of people, no matter who you are I can see your beauty inside and out.

NOW the last BIG family session posted:

 My families have FUN during the session!

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Unknown said...

You are an awesome photographer! Good for you to take care of yourself and family too!