Thursday, March 12, 2015

Delgado has a story to tell. He ended up in the New Mexico Shelter in Valencia with a broken leg.  We don't know why his leg was broken, it could be a number of different things but what matters most is that he was saved by Rescue Rovers, a non-profit rescue that found his picture posted from the shelter and found a foster to take him in and nurse him back to health.

When he came to his foster, he was shedding profusely, more than a heavy shedding dog.  Along with malnutrition he was skinny for just a 12 week old pup, his hip bones were noticeable.  His foster LOVED him, fed him and held him most of the time.  He had an appointment to get his leg checked out, the whole office fell in love with Delgado, he has a way of capturing the heart!  It was very sad for his foster mom to hear the news that Delgado's leg couldn't be saved and needed to be amputated.  She held a brave face as she said goodbye to Delgado, he was staying overnight to have his surgery done.  As soon as she got into the car, she broke down and grieved Delgado's leg.  She had to break the news to her family, and her daughter got dust in her eyes too....too much dust.

The next day was time for Delgado to come home, he had his surgery and he was keeping everyone at the vet office entertained.  Delgado's foster mom came to pick him up and was happy to see how happy he was.  He had no care in the world, he didn't notice his leg was gone.  He hopped around bringing smiles to everyone.  His foster mom took him to the car and before she put him in his crate just hugged him for a few minutes with tears in her eyes.  All his foster mom could think was, if you had your leg amputated wouldn't you want someone to care and hold you???  WELL, that's what she did...her and her daughter just held him the rest of the day and gave him lots of love.

It's been a week and two days since Delgado had his surgery.  He has one more vet appointment to get his staples out next Tuesday and then he can be adopted and go to his new home.  His foster mom wanted to keep him, but the city only allows her to have two dogs, and she is at her limit.  So he is amazing enough that even his foster mom wants to keep him!! 

Here is Delgado's Bio:

  This is Delgado. He is a 13 week old brindle shepherd mix and is about 15 lbs. He came to Rescue Rovers with a broken leg, the shelter doesn't know how it came to be that way. Delgado didn't get to us quick enough to save his leg, so he had to have it amputated. But Delgado doesn't mind! He has the best personality to deal with something like this, he is easy going, playful with a hint of mellow. He learned to be crate trained in just TWO days, so he is really smart! He is working on potty training and is doing well. He also learned the command "sit" and "down" in just a day!!! If you meet Delgado he will capture your heart and you will forget that he has only three legs! 

Rescue Rover fosters donate their time, their money for dogfood, toys, blankets, beds, and dog treats to save animals that are in the shelters before they get Euthanized.  Rescue Rovers has adoption fees that go to the vet bills for dogs that have amputations, broken legs, meds, health problems, and surgeries, transports to pick up dogs.  You can donate HERE

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